Please visit ScottNoelle.com for my current work. This site (enjoyparenting.com) and the PATH Program have been inactive for many years, but most of the published content is still accessible through this archive.  Enjoy!  ~SN

The PATH Program

with parenting coach Scott Noelle,
author of The Daily Groove

Dear Friends,

If you enjoy reading The Daily Groove and have noticed that your parenting experience gets better when you apply the ideas I write about, then I have a question for you:

Do you want more ease, more joy, more connection, more unconditional love, and less stress in your parenting journey?

I created the PATH Program to help you realize that vision!

The PATH Program provides extraordinary support and resources for leading-edge parents, like you, in the art of parenting based on Partnership, Authenticity, Trust, and Heart. It will help you restore the natural joy and well-being that are the birthright of every parent and child.

Support for YOUR Parenting Style

You know in your heart that parenting without punishments and power struggles is possible — that it can be about partnership rather than domination. The question is: HOW?

Answer: With a little help from your friends. :)

When you join the PATH Program, you instantly have a community of like-minded "traveling companions" for your parenting journey: me, and the other PATH Program members.

You also gain access to a variety of empowering resources in the members-only sections of this website. And you can even call me for personalized coaching support. (See below for more details.)

The PATH Program is designed to help you apply the ideas from The Daily Groove and master the art of PATH Parenting. And since it's all about creating more joy in your family, participating in the program feels less like work and more like play!

New to "coaching"?  Personal coaching is similar to counseling and mentoring, but its primary purpose is to help you clarify and achieve your goals. The focus of my coaching practice is parenting. I help you cultivate the inner resources needed to parent creatively in a spirit of partnership.

The PATH Community Forums
A Place for Empowering Conversations

Much more than an online community, the members-only PATH forums are a place where the conversation is uplifting, provocative, practical, and very supportive.

PATH members can post questions and start conversations about any parenting issue and receive answers not only from me, but from other members who've "been there" too.

Everyone benefits: those with questions get answers, those with answers get a deeper understanding through sharing, and those who read from the sidelines get insights into their own, similar concerns.

The PATH forums are unique in that everyone there is committed to practicing and internalizing the principles of PATH Parenting.

PATH Learning Modules
Successful Parenting, Step by Step

Members who prefer more structure to their journey will love the PATH learning modules. Each module is like an interactive, multimedia, self-paced, online course focused on a specific PATH Parenting principle — and how to apply it in real life.

The modules include lessons in both text and audio format, fun exercises, special forum conversations, group coaching via conference calls and/or private coaching with me by telephone.

As new modules are added, you'll have the option of delving into them immediately or whenever it's convenient for you. And as a member, you can review the modules as many times as you want to.

The PATH Audio Library
Learning Made Easy and Enjoyable

For your whole life you've heard the voices of the dominant culture saying negative things about human nature, children, teenagers, siblings, parents, and parenting. These are the voices that seem to take control of us when we're stressed. They make us say or do things that are out of accord with our parenting values.

The only way to erase those "old tapes" is to replace them with new ones. The more you listen to positive, empowering words, the more they become the content of your thoughts and your self-talk. You become more optimistic and inspired, and it gets easier to parent the way you truly want to.

As a PATH member, you'll have access to hours and hours of inspiring, thought-provoking, recorded coaching sessions and conference calls on a wide variety of parenting topics. You can listen to the audios directly from this website, or you can download the audios as MP3 files and play them on your iPod or similar device.

Getting that much coaching in private sessions would cost over $1000, but you can listen in for free when you join the PATH Program!

“PATH Points” & Private Coaching
Double the Value of Your Membership

The PATH Points benefit is similar to the "frequent flyer miles" of airlines. But instead of getting only a small percentage return on your investment, the PATH Points feature more than doubles the potential value of your membership, allowing you to effectively spend your membership fee twice!

Here's how it works...

  • You get 100 PATH Points for every dollar of your monthly membership fees.
  • You can redeem your Points for private telephone coaching sessions with me.
  • Unused Points roll over and accrue, so you can save them for when you need them.
  • While you're enrolled, your saved PATH Points will never expire!

With private sessions you get personalized support and a better understanding of how to apply the principles to your unique circumstances — all from the comfort of your home, by telephone. You can even share your session time with your spouse/partner, if you like.

You get enough Points to have a 20-minute session every month or a full-hour session every three months.

In addition to private coaching support, you can redeem your PATH Points for up to 100% off of registration for workshops and other live events.

Even More Great Membership Benefits!

Your membership in the PATH program also includes...

  • Spouses/Partners are welcome to take advantage of all program features and benefits at no additional charge!
  • 20% discount on coaching – If you want additional session time (beyond what you can get for free with your PATH Points), my regular rate of $90/hour is reduced to $72/hour.
  • "Anytime" Coaching – PATH members can call for coaching support without an appointment! You can call anytime during these hours: Mon-Fri, 11am-8pm/Pacific (2pm-11pm/Eastern; after 7pm in the UK; mornings and afternoons in Australia/NZ). The number of members is limited so that I'm likely to be available when you call.
  • Scheduled Coaching Sessions are also available if you prefer to plan ahead (up to two weeks in advance).

“Surprisingly Affordable!”

Parents who hire me for weekly, private telephone coaching sessions invest up to $360 a month. I created the PATH Program to offer similar benefits at a rate that anyone can afford:

 Only $24/month! 

But please don't assume it's only worth that small amount. The program is intentionally underpriced so that if you really want to be a part of the PATH community, it'll be easy to say "YES!"

PATH Program Features

Audio Coaching Library $200+
PATH Learning Modules Up to $50 ea.
PATH Points (used for coaching) Up to $30/mo.
20% off Additional Coaching Up to $72/mo.
Full Access for Spouses/Partners Up to $24/mo.
PATH Community Support Forums Priceless!

All for only $24/month*

*Automatically charged to your credit card or PayPal account.

And your investment is backed by my risk-free, 30-day, unconditional money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Improve Your Groove... Start Today!

If you like the way you feel when you read The Daily Groove... If you like the way it inspires your best parenting... If you want to feel that way and be inspired more consistently, more deeply... I invite you to take the first step on the PATH to your dreams right now!

Your children, your family, and YOU are so worth it!
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Sign Up: Step 1

NOTE: The sign-up form has been removed because the PATH Program is no longer active. Please visit ScottNoelle.com for my current service offerings.

30-Day, 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your PATH program membership, and you want a refund, just send me an email saying so within the first 30 days and I'll promptly refund your payment in full.

By the way... In case it isn't obvious from reading The Daily Groove, this program is NOT about working hard to improve your parenting. It's about learning to relax into the Flow, follow your Bliss, and create the family life of your dreams...

I look forward to serving you!

~ Scott Noelle