Please visit ScottNoelle.com for my current work. This site (enjoyparenting.com) has been inactive for many years, but most of the published content is still accessible through this archive.  Enjoy!  ~SN

About EnjoyParenting.com & Scott Noelle

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EnjoyParenting.com is a resource for parents who believe that children are innately good and that responsive, natural, creative parenting is the best way to foster their goodness.

If you're looking for clever ways to control your child's behavior, you won't find this site very useful. But if you want to experience authentic power with your child — joyfully, nonviolently, and unconditionally — you've come to the right place!

As an idealistic, progressive, leading-edge parent, you already have a desire to parent in harmony with your child's nature and spirit. The question is... How does one make the shift from the old parenting paradigm of control to the new paradigm of creative partnership? EnjoyParenting.com supports parents in making that shift successfully, from the inside out.

My approach is more fully described in my book, The Daily Groove: How to Enjoy Parenting... Unconditionally!

I am a writer, a speaker, and a Life Coach whose specialty is supporting progressive parents who share the vision of creative partnership described above. I live in Portland, Oregon, USA, with my partner Beth Noelle and our two children. For more information about me and my coaching services, visit www.ScottNoelle.com.

The most popular parenting resource I offer here is The Daily Groove email list. Every weekday thousands of subscribers receive a brief, practical, inspiring excerpt from my book. For parents who want more, I offer the PATH Program, which is fully described here.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this site, my work, or how I can be of service to you, your family, or your organization.


~Scott Noelle