Radical Parenting: An Interview with Dayna Martin

Part 1

I first heard of Dayna after she and her husband Joe appeared on The Dr. Phil Show as advocates of "radical unschooling" (a type of homeschooling). When I realized she's also a Daily Groove subscriber, I requested this interview. In addition to behind-the-scenes stories about her family's Hollywood adventure, Dayna shares about her parenting philosophy, her childhood, and being an agent of cultural evolution through parenting.

Dayna Martin Interview, Part 1 (19:46)
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Part 2

In the second half of our discussion, Dayna and I talked about...

  • Dayna's strategy for creating a parenting groove
  • Outrageous acts of kindness
  • Dayna's "radical" parenting principles
  • How parenthood transformed and healed Dayna
  • Books that changed our lives (see below)
  • How to "unschool" IN school
  • On growing a home-based business
  • "What would Dr. Phil say?"
Dayna Martin Interview, Part 2 (27:23)
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Books mentioned:

  • The Continuum Concept (Jean Liedloff)
  • The Baby Book (Sears & Sears)
  • Whole Child, Whole Parent (Polly B. Berends)
  • Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg)
  • Parenting a Free Child (Rue Kream)
  • Ishmael (Daniel Quinn)
  • Dumbing Us Down (John Taylor Gatto)
  • How Children Fail (John Holt)