Insights from The Great Parenting Show

by Scott Noelle, author of The Daily Groove

(Sent to The Daily Groove mailing list on 9/25/2011.)

Dear Friends...

I might owe you an apology!

When I announced that I am going to be a guest
on The Great Parenting Show, you might have
gotten the impression that all of the show's guest
experts would share my commitment to teaching
non-punitive parenting.

Oops! :)

The reality is that very few parenting experts share
my belief that you can parent effectively without
EVER resorting to watered-down punishments like
"time-outs" and "consequences."

For example, I was eager to hear the first interview
with Hal Runkel, author of Scream-Free Parenting,
whose work I wasn't previously familiar with. And I
have to say that I LOVED 95% of his responses --
especially his demonstration of how to be a
calming presence when a child "acts out." That
alone made the whole interview worth listening to.

But I winced when I heard him suggest that
withdrawing privileges would be an effective
response to a teenager who wouldn't comply with
family rules. (If you signed up for the series, this is
about 13 minutes into his interview.)

Later in the interview (about 56 minutes in) a
listener challenged his use of "consequences," and
his response was that children need to learn that
"this is the way the world works." That's
when I realized why so many otherwise great
parenting approaches don't quite jive with mine:

    They are preparing children to thrive in the
    world AS IT IS, whereas I want to help you
    prepare children for A NEW WORLD -- a new
    culture of creative partnership that makes
    punitive "consequences" obsolete.

But let me be very clear: I appreciate and applaud
the work of Hal Runkel because, for most parents,
his approach is much more achievable, and their
kids will benefit greatly from having calm, present,
scream-free parents -- even if they occasionally
resort to punitive responses.

My "PATH Parenting" approach is harder to
implement because it requires a deeper
transformation -- a whole new way of thinking
about how the world works... or rather, how it
can work.

If you have embraced the vision of
Partnership, Authenticity, Trust, and Heart
that permeates every Daily Groove message
I write, then you are truly a parent on the
leading edge!

I hope you'll subscribe to The Great Parenting
so you can get free access to my upcoming
interview and learn some all-new techniques
to ease the extraordinary challenges of
PATH Parenting.

And I would encourage you to listen to as many of
the other interviews as you can. Just listen with
a skeptical ear
: "Is this really the way things are?"
"Are there other possibilities and perspectives that
resonate with my heart more powerfully?"

Neither I nor any other "expert" should ever be
allowed to bypass the scrutiny of your heart.

Speaking of which... MY heart was happy when
Marie Diamond, in the second interview, talked
about how to help children get in the habit of
cleaning their rooms using a partnership
approach. Some of you may find her other ideas
too "woo-woo," but... There's always something,
right? :)

Just keep looking for gems of wisdom that feel
true to you, and you'll find them!

FYI, as of today (Sunday) both of the above
mentioned interviews are still accessible to
Great Parenting Show subscribers for free,
but this extended free access period could end
at any time. So if you haven't subscribed yet,
go to...




PS: Below is my original announcement from ten days ago...

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Dear Groovin' Parents...

Great news!   I've been invited to present some of my
brand new parenting tips in a LIVE series that
will include some of the world's best self-help and
parenting experts:

      The Great Parenting Show!

This season's line-up includes well-known authors and
experts in the field of parenting and beyond, like...

-- Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
-- Hal Runkel (Scream-Free Parenting)
-- Dr. Laura Markham (Secrets of Happy Parents)
-- Marie Diamond & Lisa Nichols (from The Secret)
-- ME!  :)

Some of the guest experts, like Bruce Lipton (The
Biology of Belief
) were also a part of last year's
"Happier Kids Now Online Expo," so you'll have
another chance to hear their wisdom in case you
missed it.

This series is hosted by my friend Jacqueline Green,
who is offering free access to four episodes from
previous seasons of The Great Parenting Show
when you subscribe to the current series, which is
also completely free for a limited time.

The fun begins NEXT WEEK!  So click over to
http://bit.ly/greatparenting and reserve your spot
right now!

I'll be presenting a teleseminar entitled "One Big
Happy Family: Four Powerful Secrets to
Creating a Joy-filled Home"
which will include
material I've never presented anywhere.

Please forward this announcement to any friends
you believe would be interested. Or just send them
this link: http://bit.ly/greatparenting .


~Scott Noelle

PS: Tomorrow we'll return to the usual Daily Groove
format. (But today, get some Great Parenting mojo!)