Rethinking Education Conference

When: September 4–8, 2009 (Fri–Tue)


Marriott Solana Hotel & Spa
Westlake, TX
(1/2 hour west of Dallas)

Click here for a schedule of Scott & Beth Noelle's sessions.

Conference Description

To say that this 5-day conference is "family-friendly" is an understatement! For more than a dozen years, families who think outside the box of conventional education have been gathering for this enriching, inspiring event — often in lieu of a conventional vacation. It's that fun!

Most attendees consider themselves "unschoolers," but everyone is welcome. And this year is especially inclusive because the theme is Rethinking EVERYTHING!

This will be Scott Noelle's first appearance at the annual gathering. He'll facilitate a 4-hour workshop called "The Seven Powers of Attraction Parenting," based on the principles in his book, The Daily Groove. Scott's partner, Beth Noelle, will join him and conference organizer Barb Lundgren for a discussion of the transformative power of "Radical Honesty."

Scott and Beth will also put together an ad hoc choir of conference attendees who love to sing. This "UNchoir" will perform at the conference talent show, an all-ages celebration of artistry and antics that's always a highlight of the week!

Also presenting at this year's conference will be Daniel Quinn, the award-winning author of Ishmael, a book about the wisdom of hunter/gatherer peoples. In line with that theme, Scott will be talking about hunter/gatherer consciousness as it relates to parenting and learning.

Finally, Scott will be available for private, in-person coaching sessions during the conference. Please contact Scott to reserve a time.

Scott & Beth Noelle's Schedule

Detailed descriptions of the sessions are available at the conference website, here. (Search within the page for "Noelle".)

  • SAT, 10:00 am - Introducing Daniel Quinn (Scott, Main Floor/Salon D)
  • SAT, 7:30 pm - Hunter/Gatherer Consciousness (Scott, Main Floor/Salon D)
  • SUN, 10:00 am - Radical Honesty (Panel discussion with Scott, Beth, and Barb Lundgren; Southlake Boardroom)
  • SUN, 2:30 pm - The 7 Powers of Attraction Parenting, 3-hour workshop (Scott, Main Floor/Salon D)
  • MON, 4:30 pm - Un-Choir workshop/rehearsal (Scott & Beth, Living Room)
  • MON, 7:00 pm - Un-Choir performance at talent show (Main Floor/Ballroom)
  • MON, 10:00 pm - Un-Ruling (Dayna Martin and Scott, Main Floor/Salon E)
  • TUE, 1:00 pm - Unschool Utopia (Panel discussion facilitated by Scott, Main Floor/Salon D)

Nia: Dancing Through Life - Beth will lead a five 1-hour Nia classes, one every day of the conference. All Nia classes will be held in Salon 1 in the lower level:

  • FRI, 12:30 pm
  • SAT, 12:30 pm
  • SUN, 11:30 am
  • MON, 2:30 pm
  • TUE, 10:00 am
  • If you aren't familiar with Nia, click here.

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If you attend Rethinking Education 2009, you can get a bonus package of Scott Noelle's services and publications worth over $130. To get this bonus, you must USE THIS SPECIAL REGISTRATION FORM (PDF) instead of the one at the conference website. (See details below.)

NOTE: For best results, open the registration form using the latest version of Adobe Reader, available here for free.

Bonus package details:
  • 1 free month of the Attraction Parenting PATH Program. ($24)
  • 1 copy of The Daily Groove book. ($19.95)
  • 1 hour of private coaching with Scott Noelle by phone ($90)
  • 1 bonus package per family; registration must include at least two paying attendees.
  • If you register by phone, be sure to tell them you were referred by Scott Noelle.
  • To receive your bonus package, email us the name(s) under which you registered and put "Rethinking Education Bonus" in the subject line.